When it comes to protecting sensitive data and systems, the stakes are high and can put a strain on your in-house resources. The stakes are especially high if you are in more heavily-regulated industries, 比如医疗保健或金融. You need security consulting from a partner with experience, who has been where you are now and knows how to spot the weaknesses in your security program.

At LBMC 网络安全, security is all we do. Our approaches to security risk assessments, HIPAA风险评估, 渗透测试, and cyber incident responses are based on our team’s many years of experience leading security functions, 解决风险, and consulting on IT security for companies of all sizes and industries.

Why Seek 安全咨询服务?

Creating a secure environment requires both an understanding of the business’ larger objectives and clear and open communication between security professionals, 操作的领导人, 还有会议室.

Our experience sitting on your side of the desk means that we understand your challenges and know what it takes to design and implement security solutions that will work—and one that all stakeholders will embrace.

Our many subject matter experts are cross-trained in multiple areas and can be made available to provide IT/security consulting on an as-needed basis. LBMC 网络安全 would work under the direction of an individual you designate and provide either remote or on-site assistance.

We needed assistance with our internal audit that evaluates our policies and procedures in regards to our network and handling of confidential information. LBMC’s 网络安全 team did a complete evaluation of our internal information technology systems. They evaluated any security weaknesses, identified and validated potential attackers, 利用漏洞, and determined our susceptibility to a threat. LBMC helped us to help ourselves. We have extremely high expectations of our vendors because our customers deserve the best. LBMC shared our values and professionalism. We now feel confident that there won’t be any surprises with an audit and feel comfortable knowing that our client’s confidential information is safe and secure. Having the best industry experts on our side is a huge business advantage.
Chief Financial Officer at 纳什维尔 bank


Creating a secure environment requires both an understanding of our clients larger objectives and clear and open communication between security professionals, 操作的领导人, 还有会议室. The LBMC 网络安全 team includes award-winning security professionals who have built and run successful information security program plans for companies of all sizes. Our experience sitting on your side of the desk means that we understand your challenges and know what it takes to design practical and actionable information security program plans that will work—and ones that all stakeholders will embrace.

Targeted Subject Matter Expertise—Support Where You Need It

Sometimes, you don’t need to overhaul your information security program plan from the ground up. 而不是, you may simply need to supplement your existing capabilities with specific security expertise. Our professionals are a diverse group of highly-credentialed and experienced information security professionals. That means we have the right IT security talent to complement your existing team. Here are just a few of our areas of expertise:

  • Forensic analysis of security log information
  • 渗透测试
  • 医疗保险中心 & Medicaid 服务 (CMS) Minimum Security Requirements
  • National Institute of Standards and 技术 (NIST) security control framework
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Security Rule
  • 特定的认证, such as HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF) Assessors, PCI合格安全评估员, 和注册会计师

Business-Focused Security Programs

We draw on our extensive experience in healthcare and a variety of other industries to assist your organization in security program development that meets your overall 业务目标 and help you appropriately manage cybersecurity threats. 第一个, we conduct a thorough risk assessment, so that we can identify weaknesses in your organization’s security framework. Taking into account factors such as the size of the company, 业务目标, 风险承受能力, 和预算, we create an information security program development roadmap. This roadmap may include policies and standards, intrusion detection and monitoring programs, 增强的文档, and/or an awareness program to enhance the skills of existing IT staff through training and recruitment. Great design only manifests itself through great implementation. LBMC 网络安全 can help your team execute each step of your program in an effective yet manageable way, whether you are phasing in changes over time or undergoing a full-scale implementation.

6 Steps to a More Secure Environment

  1. Ensure that you either have or can quickly provision protections against DDoS attacks. Most organizations do not keep these protections on premise and choose to rely on external parties for this protection (ISPs, 上游供应商, Cloudflare, Akamai, 等.). If you are unaware of whether these protections are available to you, now is the time to consider your capabilities and plan accordingly.
  2. From a propaganda perspective, the United 状态s will be targeted for website defacements. 已经有 报告 这个活动的. Ensure that your web applications, 以及相关的平台, are properly patched from a security perspective. 此外, Web应用程序评估 are strongly suggested to determine any other security issues.
  3. Ensure that security patching is consistent for internal workstations and servers.
  4. Ensure proper segmentation between your production and business networks exists to segregate any networks that contain industrial control systems (ICS).
  5. 执行外部 渗透测试 to understand your security risks from attackers on the internet.
  6. Conduct social engineering tests with a focus on phishing emails that are designed to capture user credentials. Also, ensure the multi-factor authentication (MFA) is deployed on all external entry points (cloud, Office365, VPN, 等.).


In the current technological environment, vendors are not only helpful but are sometimes required to run certain aspects of many businesses. 同时, each of your vendors presents a unique risk to your organization, whether it’s information security or the availability of your company’s product or service. Understanding and managing this vendor risk is a key component of any truly effective security program. LBMC 网络安全 uses a business-centric and tailored methodology that includes:

  • Reviewing and analyzing your existing VRM program and making recommendations for improvements
  • Collaboratively develop vendor survey questionnaires and an improved risk assessment approach
  • Conducting assessments on the agreed upon vendor population

With these best practices in place, you can maintain and scale your third-party vendor risk management program.


Our virtual CISO (vCISO) services will play an integral part in the development of strategic policy, technology planning and investments in information security at your organization. Collectively, LBMC 网络安全 has 50 years of CISO experience. 作为这个领域公认的领导者, our vCISO services provide an executive level leader with strong technical skills, 战略能力, and a talent for integrating people and processes into a comprehensive approach to security.


  • Identify, evaluate, and measure risks
  • 确保遵从性
  • 优先考虑补救
  • Recommend adjustments to controls
  • 建议 & 教育管理
  • Provide guidance on the disposition of risks
  • Implement security control processes
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of security controls

The vCISO will partner with business units to manage the security environment, 设计安全的产品, and enable your organization to execute on its business strategy while protecting its data and brand in the marketplace.


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